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Reported speech is also known as Indirect Speech. Download this free English grammar lesson to learn how to use Reported Speech in English.

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Ich habe direct speech Sätze in die indirect speech umgewandelt und umgekehrt, nun will ich wissen, ob ich Fehler gemacht habe. a) direct speech: Will: „I like history best.“ indirect speech: Will told me that he liked history best.

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When we tell other people what someone else told us, it is called indirect speech or reported speech.

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Indirect Speech. Reported or indirect speech is usually used to talk about the past, so we normally change the tense of the words spoken. We use reporting verbs like ’say‘, ‚tell‘, ‚ask‘, and we may use the word ‚that‘ to introduce the reported words. Inverted commas are not used. She said, „I saw him.“ (direct speech) = She said that she had seen him.

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We do not use reporting verbs to introduce or indicate free indirect speech, and, like reported speech, it is used without quotation marks. For example:

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Can you report questions, statements, requests and commands correctly? Test your understanding of direct and indirect speech with this interactive grammar exercise.

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Exercises on Reported Speech. If we report what another person has said, we usually do not use the speaker’s exact words (direct speech), but reported (indirect …

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Indirect speech is a means of expressing the content of statements, questions or other utterances, without quoting them explicitly as is done in direct speech.

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